Postdoctoral Researcher
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, Turkey

Ayca Tartar holds a PhD in Department of Architecture, Building Sciences Program, in Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. Her thesis “Floating Architecture Design Process Modeling Supported by Rule Based Decision Making" inherits a transdiciplinary approach as she worked with Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding departments focusing on using fuzzy logic to support decision making process. Following her PhD she gave lectures for master and undergraduate courses about floating cities, floating performance centers, yacht interior designs with a team of researchers from Delft University made collaborations with design informatics department and published several papers for international conferences. She has also completed her master degree in Building Sciences Program with a thesis on “Light Steel Construction Technology and Design Possibilities”. After studying light steel technology in her master thesis she worked on floating urban water spaces design process modeling with fuzzy logic. Today she is interested in using information architecture in designing floating cities. Her research aims to focus on urban water space design process and manufacture techniques. Purpose of her study is to develop a new design strategy for the floating building construction design management with applying recent advances in the fields of new materials and information architecture. She wants to use the experience gained carrying out her research in information architecture and use the insights for floating building design management. Research facilities of other departments such as Naval Architecture, Shipbuilding and information architecture should be used in joint in her studies. She believes that interaction between universities and students is the only way for an efficient theoretical and practical approach to design.