D&A Lab is a Digital Design of Art and Architecture Laboratory at the department of Architecture from the National United University.


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吳細顏, 助理教授 
Shi-Yen Wu, Assistant Professor

Dr. Shi-Yen Wu is a professional artist and assistant professor at the National United University. He gained his Ph.D from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and Master of Fine Art from the Taipei National University of the Arts. Shi-Yen has taught architecture design and international design competition, drawing and digital fabrication at many leading academic institutions such as National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Taipei University of Technology, department of architecture. He recently established the D&A lab (Digital Design of Art and Architecture Laboratory) in the National United University with a focus on collaborating with international academia and organizations such as AA, UCL and ETH to develop a new educational model in architectural construction. He has served as a visiting scholar in the UK and previously worked as a curator of the Tibetan film festival in Taiwan.



1.   主要執行3D列印操作教學與支援建築系相關教學研究課程需求。

2.   研發3D列印衍生之實體材料樣品製作與加工技術。

3.   舉辦小型3D列印操作教學講座。


1.   水庫淤泥免燒磚之研制與性能研究

2.   室內裝修材料之調濕性能研究

3.   經濟循環之燒結磚應用

4.   輕質磚之研制與性能研究

5.   燒結磚級配應用於磚牆之研究

6.   成孔劑應用於輕質磚之研制















1. 國族與建築 : 以國族主義理論為基礎,探討中國民初至台灣戰後的大中國建築風潮。

2. 宗教與建築 : 主要聚焦在日本神道教神社建築與伊斯蘭清真寺的研究。

3. 建築理論 : 以後現代主義、現象學、性別研究、與文化研究為探討的主題。








1.   科技部計畫「文化生活循環永續發展指標與組構因子實證研究」持續執行。

2.   推動「教育部推動大學社會責任實踐計畫(USR)」-「石墻紅棗特色生活共享模式建構計畫」,連結地方社區社群。

3.   協助民間組織共同培育發展苗栗社區社群。

4.   其他文化與行為領域相關研究。

AJeroen van Ameijde has been teaching at the Architectural Association in London since 2007, including the last six years as Unit Master of Intermediate Unit 6 which investigates the critical application of innovative digital design and construction processes within dense urban contexts. He is director of the MakeLab and Kuwait Visiting Schools and a regular co-tutor in several other Visiting Schools. His previous roles within the AA include Head of Digital Prototyping and Course Tutor at the AADRL graduate programme. He has taught workshops in many universities and institutions and has published and lectured about digital design and fabrication worldwide. He is the co-founder and director of Urban Systems, an office specialising in generative design methodologies which is currently developing several large scale projects in China.

CAlvaro Lopez Rodriguez is a Spanish architect, holding an M.Arch from the European University of Madrid and a B.ProM.Arch in Architectural Design (M.Arch AD) from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Prior to moving to London, Alvaro has worked with R&A and ALF Arquitectos in Madrid. He has a wide experience in digital manufacturing, working for the B-made at the Bartlett School of Architecture in the Digital Manufacturing department and with some collaboration with different projects like the Swiss pavilion for the Venice Biennale 2016, or the Digital Grotesque. Currently is combining the digital fabrication lab at the Architectural Association, with open classes in robotics at the Bartlett School.

BPeng is Architect and Structural Engineer based in London. He is Founder of P-Lab Studio.He has taught Architecture Design Studio in University of Nottingham, UK. He has worked for Mamou-mani Architects and Arata Isozaki & Associates. Peng graduated from AA school of Architecture RIBA Part2 (AADip). Before He studied in AA, He has gained two Bachelor degrees both in Architecture and Structural Engineering. His Architecture and Structural Engineering background has equipped him with various skills of designing, computing, 3D printing, digital fabrication and structural analysis. His design works be awarded A' Design Award and a&d trophy awards and be nominated by the Architizer A+Awards.