D&A Lab is a Digital Design of Art and Architecture Laboratory at the department of Architecture from the National United University.


吳細顏, 助理教授 
Shi-Yen Wu, Assistant Professor

Shi-Yen Wu is a professional artist and assistant professor at the National United University. He gained his Master of Fine Art from the Taipei National University of the Arts. Shi-Yen has taught architecture design and international design competition, drawing and digital fabrication at many leading academic institutions such as National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Taipei University of Technology, department of architecture. He recently established the digital fabrication lab in the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology with a focus on collaborating with international academia and organizations such as AA, UCL and DEZACT (UK) to develop a new educational model in architectural construction. He has served as a visiting scholar in the UK and previously worked as a confidential secretary of the ministry of culture in the past. He is also a curator of the Tibetan film festival in Taiwan.

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