Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019



獎項:Red dot 2019 紅點獎

作品:Save and Protect





It has been said that an average of 12 million tons of plastic waste per year around the world and it will take at least hundreds of years to break down the garbage. These plastics eventually flow into the ocean, endangering the lives of animals and making creatures constantly Infringed. In order to raise the awareness of plastic waste pollution and to call for the improvement of environmental protection issues, the turtles, fish and bird species are packaged with plastic straws, ribbons (plastic waste) and fish hooks (a plastic weapon disguised as a shrimp) through product packaging improvement. These beverages will let people feel that it will hurt our nature at first glance. People might take a few minutes and think of the environmental protection. Eventually choice to drink without plastic straws. These product are cooperate with Cheng Loong Corp. to celebrate the 60th anniversary, and hope to achieve the environmental protection tenet of “Environmental Reduction of Plastic Waste, Let the Earth Become a Better Place”.


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