Welcome to the ETH+NUU International digital design workshop 2017

Date:17~19 / November, 2017
Venue:Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Festival Organizer : National United University,
・・・・・・・・・ The department of Architecture
・・・・・・・・  ・Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
・・・・・・・  ETH Zurich of Architecture

. 報到及工作營地點 workshop and registration.
・ 報名至10月31日截止!

《 限額 80名大專以上建築類科學生或教師・全程免費需先報名徵選
. 松山文創園區  文創交流中心 ( 東向製菸工廠 2F, Map No. 28 )
・ Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
・ ( 2F Room 28, Center of Culture and Creative )

. 台北市信義區光復南路133號
・ No.133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District,
・ Taipei City 11072, Taiwan
. TEL : +886-2-27651388

. ETH Zürich 講座地點 Master lectures.
《 限額180名・不限身份全程免費・現場排隊領取號碼牌額滿為止 》
. 誠品生活松菸店 ( 電影院 A 廳 ) B2/吳寶春麵包店後方。
・ elite spectrum songyan store ( Room A, Art House )

. 台北市信義區菸廠路88號
・ No.88, Yanchang Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei 110, Taiwan, R.O.C.
. TEL : +886-2-6636-5888

ETH+NUU Agenda

The aim of the Smart City is to improve the quality of urban living through the  integration of different information and communication technologies. Nowadays, identities of cities are rapidly deteriorating and vanishing, which will result in the loss of self-identity, sense of a community and sense of a place. This workshop aims to harness data mining technologies together with automatic methods of urban patterns generation to analyze and use information from urban data. To build urban identities in a creative way, an additional data input from citizens’ participatory design tools will be integrated into the framework applied in an existing culture-reserved site in Taipei. The involved citizens’ ideas can inform city authorities and stakeholders after the workshop with their ideas in a more convenient and responsive way, the citizens of the pre-selected area in Taipei will participate in the process by means of the „QUA-KIT“ application – the citizens’ modeling and voting participatory design tool. As a result, the citizens will deliver their opinions, knowledge and suggestions for improvements of the investigated neighborhood from their own design perspective.

Festival Organization Team

1. Shi-Yen Wu , Assistant Professor
Lead organizer / National United University, TW

2. Chuang-Hung LIN , Associate Professor
。 Co-organizer / National United University, TW

3. Gerhard Schmitt , Professor,
。 ETH Zurich Senior Vice President for ETH Global.
。 Co-organizer / ETH Zurich, iA Lab,
。 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Germany

ETH+NUU Description

East–Southeast Asia is currently one of the fastest urbanizing regions in the world, with countries such as China increasing urbanization from 20 to 50% in just a few decades. The identity of an urban environment is important because it contributes to self-identity, a sense of community and a sense of place. However, under present day conditions, the identities of expanding cities are rapidly deteriorating and vanishing especially in Asian cities. At the same time, these cities are now reconsidering their city model, attempting to increase the strategic value of their territory in order to transform into more attractive and cohesive urban systems that offer greater quality of life and better citizen coexistence. Thereby, a change in their traditional identity is taking place. That is, cities need to build their urban identity, which extends to past and points to the future. And at the same time, cities need to add new features to improve their livability, sustainability and resilience.

This workshop consists of lectures and exercises. The lectures cover the history and future of smart cities and advanced urban planning and simulation methods. The exercises follow up with teaching and practicing how to use data-mining technologies for various types of geo-referenced big data and combine them with the space syntax analysis for observing and learning about the socio-economic behavior and the quality of space. The observed and learned features will be identified as the urban identity, which would help designers to understand the contemporary citizen life style. At same time, we introduce a website platform – Quick Urban Analysis Kit (qua-kit) as a tool for citizens to participate in designs. Students will learn how to use this tool to propose urban design by citizens. Finally, students will learn how to use technologies to make the city adept, learning and intelligently responsive the life of the citizens.

ETH+NUU Festival Location 2017

. 國立聯合大學建築學系.
・ Department of Architecture , National United University.

. 報到及工作營地點 workshop and registration.
. 松山文創園區 ( 2F 文創交流中心 No. 28 )
・ Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
・ ( 2F Room 28, Center of Culture and Creative )

. 台北市信義區光復南路133號
 No.133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District,
 Taipei City 11072, Taiwan
TEL : +886-2-27651388

. ETH Zürich 講座地點 Master lectures.
. 誠品生活松菸店 ( 電影院 A 廳 ) B2/吳寶春麵包店後方
 elite spectrum songyan store ( Room A, Art House )

. 台北市信義區菸廠路88號
・ No.88, Yanchang Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei 110, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL : +886-2-6636-5888